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Learn the difference between a DSLR camera and campact And DSLR camera - you substitute ?

This post was written by a guest contributor. Please see their details in the post above.

I write because I thought the DSLR. What is the difference between the DSLR and compact cameras, a DSLR type of structure, in most everything I write, because the history of photography in the post, but I never discussed the structure is not a DSLR.So - let's start. The first question may be, the camera's cameras.Where the key to the mystery of the DSLR? I buy a digital camera at the end of 2005, that was quite compact, point and shoot camera, and you can tell. After 2008 to buy high end and compact (Hyper Zoom and many more functions with compact cameras), and that some of these bridge cameras. I had a friend buy a DSLR and compact cameras with the use of Hyper Zoom and many more functions Kidding (Like that bought about 500 dollars!), the two cameras was that the 10 MP. After photographing, the image of her at the high end DSLR cameras zoom in on pictures in Hyper some distance. And I started little by the camera's studies soon buy a DSLR (scholarship money and the funeral is expensive camera).

See the image of a DSLR 

Check the LCD display, prior to the live view DSLR I could not be seen. Now the technology is changing so rapidly, without the reins! It has a sensor, you can say that the heart as a digital camera. I like classical film camera, film, digital cameras have a sensor. Memory card, battery and has a shutter Flashes. Reduce the shutter speed - Numbers can be increased with many of the photographs, including ISO and many, many more things, carefully avoid them now now now. After the lens, DSLR is the lens of the many benefits of a change in the style of the background that you can use different types of lenses, compact and high - end compact cameras simply do not have a chance. It is a high end camera, by default there are several good magnification lens fitted.

The question may be, high end cameras, many people (such as a lens to change the problem, and again I have high end cameras zoom in on the 20X, or about 400 mm lens, there are about, and DSLR this telescopic  lens to buy when my three months are not used to be (though After a 300 mm - The lens I bought), then why I DSLR bought? because Detail image quality, very fast to focus the image on the benefits and how to access and do with the Detail image of the words come, and that the dependent on the sensor. and I compact / high end SLR and the Working Principal am I, why are not the primary era SLR era to live here now, why not view the webcam in the high end DSLR with live view, if and where the main difference?...

See the following picture, a high and compact camera has been shown to function.
 A lot goes on inside your digital camera when a picture is taken as represented by this diagram.

Compact camera to the image we see, we really do not, because the lens of the light sensor (or film) of the sensor signal from the excited electron to have a live view of the Retrieve. We view the Live View Finder, which would mean the camera is compact / high end compact with them, we just do not see the real view is magnified Modified view. Now let us come to a DSLR, DSLR, see the functions of the Working
We are in front of the camera lens to reflect the image we see a direct view through the Finder. The question may be, to show you a live view of the problem, the problem is, this place is added to the reflector (straight to the point glass) can be moved and it was not a live view can be found at the initial stage

It's the first SLR camera with live view e -10 Olympus market which one do we like. How is it possible, the question may be. They have a very interesting and it is compact and SLR cameras, the added functions. In other words, when you view the live view will be switched to the Finder, then the camera will move in or move reflector camera directly to a compact camera, you will create. Do not believe? DSLR with Live View Finder on the view you see in your eyes, you can not see nothing, a black tie. I live in an expensive DSLR-view - to capture the image sensor to switch to another, with the secondary to avoid over-heating, because the live view camera with a sensor to change the focus of a lot of data to process and display the live view, the sensor on high pressure. So, if I called you a live view can be called that, DSLR dual rights of both the high end compact cameras that can never be.

Now come about Sensor. I am with my friends both in the MP of the camera will capture images and SLR [Olympus E-420] of the image I (Compact) High end cameras [Olympus SP 570 UZ] count for a lot of good came. Why? Suppose, Lu-mix [FZ 100 model] is a high - end camera, See in Google search with the sensor size is 1/4 square inches or .33 ml - the like. The high end compact cameras or sensors that are too large even if it may be 45 ml class, not more. But he will have to be 25-30 mega pixels is not unusual. I augur better than the DSLR's sensor. All cleaning will be written below the picture. The film is in the bottom row is a compact / high end for the camera. I feed the rest of the DSLR, for example, 4/3 DSLR and Technology and is a long time. My old cheap DSLR 4/3 sensor technology. That's all from a small sensor DSLR that only class of 225 mm.

(Picture from wiki). 

After the discovery in 1975, Kodak engineer Steven digital camera technology available to stop the march of development. The charged coupled type sensor was used, the metal oxide cm conductor of the sensor being used. The big advantage of the benefits of the savings of many times the battery has been increased by a camera that is inexpensive and flexible. The first full function DSLR market in the Kodak DCS-100, 1.3 megapixel camera in 1991. It was all shot in the film SLR cameras.Now, if I ask Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Leica, Fuji, Sony, Pentax and Samsung are all good, then the answer would be, all good, do not keep count towards the subway in the sky, but the difference in the model. Although I use DSLR Olympus, but Canon has on my weakness (do not know why, I think that Canon cameras are small, their father once said that It was so good to have).

This post was written by a guest contributor. Name Mr. Masum Jujuly (Nuvan) from Bangladesh. He is a chemical engineer and now he working as a Chemical and Environmental Engineer Consultant in Reed Consulting (BD) Ltd. a UK based consulting firm responsible for 'Energy Audit', 'Cleaner Production', 'Energy Efficiency', 'Environmental and Chemical Management', 'Occupational Health and Safety', 'Lean Continuous Improvement', 'Labor Relations and Management' and 'Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)'.
  Masum Jujuly (Nuvan)'s web site: masumjujulynuvan

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